Jun 282016
To be political or not to be political...that is the question.

  When I talk to authors about marketing, the first thing I tell them is:  Sell Yourself. No, not on the corner with a cardboard sign – but, it’s similar. In a world when millions of books are being sold, what encourages a reader to give you money?   Your smile? Your friendliness? Your reason for

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Jun 082016
Editing Guide

This is a grammar guide written by Kelly Mortimer from the Mortimer Literary Agency. While she closed the agency a few years ago, I asked her permission to post this information so authors can have some idea on what agents look for when it comes to editing their manuscript. I know I’ve come back to it time and time again when

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Jun 072016
Darkest Hour

Overview After the long Great War leaves behind a shattered Europe without an entire generation of men, Great Britain permits women to serve their country as soldiers, sailors, and especially pilots. It’s the spring of 1940 and Briley Bannatyne envies her older brother Mackinley. He’s about to embark on a grand adventure, training to become

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Aug 232015
Slow Down

Let me ask you a question. How often do you go into a book store? Whether it’s on or offline, book stores carry everything you could possible be looking. Comedy, romance, historical, YA, paranormal, etc, it’s right at your fingertips. Now, out of the thousands of books, how many books do you end up buying?

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Aug 202015
Who are you, anyway?

I just found out I was on QueryTracker which explains all the new submissions I’ve been receiving. Thank you for taking a chance on me. I truly appreciate it. Let me start off by introducing myself.  Five years ago I started out as a reviewer for Divertir Publishing. It was a pretty nice gig. After that,

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May 162015
Season of Mists

Season Of Mists is available on Amazon. But why not try a free sample first? Head over to Divertir Publishing to download your copy! The year is 1888. Justine Holloway finds herself an orphan after her parents die in a horrific fire. She is sent to live with her godparents, Harold Mendenhall and his sister

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Jan 102015
Season of Mists

My first book will be published soon through Divertir Publishing. I just finished the last edits of the galley prints and now I am looking forward to the last leg of the journey.  The stages of this book has spanned several years. I started the endeavor after my mother died in 2008. Throughout my life,

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