Jan 072014

Fragonard,_The_Reader I am looking to review new and previously published books. With three million books published last year, we need to help the indie presses and authors as much as possible. If you are self published or published through a small press and your genre falls within these catagories, submit a request for review by clicking the tab above.

Include the title, word count, genre and basic synopsis. Attach your manuscript in a doc or ebook file. Also link me your author facebook and website so I can add them to my author links.

I will let you know if I decide to pick it up 🙂

Genres: Historical Romance – any era, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Space Opera. I am up for those lovely sub genres of these areas as well.

I have accounts on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Just be warned – I will give HONEST opinions of the story – not fluff.



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