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9c16a1abb8b40ad8976f10.L._V371311376_SY470_I received Rhianna from the author herself in a contest. I devoured that story and immediately wondered if her second book was as good. Boy is it!

The story continues with Audra, sent to London to officially become marriageable material even though she’s already emotionally engaged to Crispin, a boy she has been in love with for years. Still, she goes determined to enjoy herself and the experience. What Audra does not realize is her chaperone has other plans in store for the young girl. Mystery, romance and plenty of historical details makes this another book to be loaned out and treasured.

What I adore about this book is the way we are always in her head and thoughts. Amidst a well researched and richly detailed world, we get to know the girl and her motives. She’s young and in love – what else would fill a young girl’s head during her coming out? Her greatest fears become ours in a narrative that fits well into the era. While Audra is headstrong (her background supporting it) she is also docile. Ms. Shalaby again creates a character that belongs making the plot believable.
I look forward to the author’s other works.


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