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editingredpenOkay, not really but it makes for an interesting mental picture.

Three NaNoWriMos ago I wrote a really cute Steampunk cinderfella story. In the plot, the princess must chase after the prince and find him. I never finished the ending because I couldn’t quite find the right scene. Now, it is in my head and ready to go. Here is an excerpt from where I am editing currently – be warned it is rough:
Alistair did not respond although Ileana doubted he would. Faith did not come easily to many – the ability to trust in something a person could not touch or taste. It wasn’t a flask easily pulled out of the pocket and consumed. Despite that, she touched his face. “Despite your past, I will stand beside you.”

“I wish I was coming to you with a title or something of worth. Ileana, I was a laird of ancestral lands but I never appreciated that heritage. I all but walked away from the obligation. Now even that is denied to me – given to another who has no claim to the land. Graves of my family lay in the earth, bought for with blood and that man and his daughter have it all.” He pulled away, putting distance between them. A growl, so guttural it hardly sounded human. “I am nothing – I have nothing- not even my family ring.”

“Oh…” That jolted her memory. Ileana dug in her pocket and pulled out the trinket she’d carried around for months. It had felt so heavy, scrutinized for symbols and clues. Now, in her palm, the ring hardly weighed anything at all.

“My ring.” Alistair hesitated before taking it. “Where did you find it?”

“You dropped it at the ball. I’ve had it all this time, trying to find you. See, there’s one thing we can scratch off your list. I call that fate.”


With three kids all wanting mommy, let’s see if I can get this finished by this weekend. What literary masterpiece are you working on?

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