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5 out of 5 stars for this wonderful Historical Romance!


I am stickler for historical novels set in certain time periods to have heroines who fit into the world. Too many authors take a setting a put a girl with modern sensibilities into the era and force society to bend around her. So when I received this book for free through a contest on the author’s webpage, Ms. Shalaby made my day when we are introduced to Rhianna, a clergyman’s daughter who

1.Knows and accepts her place in society

2.Acts like a girl of the era.


She isn’t outwardly stubborn or rebellious nor does she rant about and bemoan her circumstances. All those thoughts are kept inside her head, where they should be! In fact, she is at peace with them. Even when she meets the oh, so handsome hero of the story, Rhianna keeps her distance emotionally for as long possible. Any girl of her class would, from birth, know her chances with a man of his station were slim to none- despite him having other ideas. While the hero is run of the mill Mary-Jane, all readers will instantly fall in love with him. (I know I did). Classic style romance novel.
Also, the writing is very reminiscent of the Austen period. The sentences flow like poetry. The author paints such lovely descriptions I am never left without a perfect mental image of every contour she draws my eye towards. Dresses, ballrooms and drawing rooms are all given that level of description to bring the scene to life.

Thank you for keeping the romance clean and sweet. Rhianna is a story I will keep for my daughter to read when she’s older. It is a story I will pawn off on my friends to enjoy.

Definitely a fan and will closely follow this author.



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