Jan 122014
4.0 out of 5 stars
91lWWcLn92L._SL1500_So Sweet 🙂
This is a cute little story of growing up, loss and the sweet childhood romance that blossoms into something more.

The story begins with Penelope getting ready to take her daughter Belle to a going away party in Scotland. They’re sitting on top of the family bakery looking out at the Scottish coastline when the daughter asks the mother to retell the story one more time.
Here we are introduced to a young Penelope who finds out about the death of her parents. Because of her parents’ will, she is sent to Scotland to live with relatives. During that summer, she blossoms and thrives, developing a sweet romance with Gavin. But perfection can never stay that way and she’s sent back to the states.

Years later, she runs into Gavin once more but has too much time passed between them? I will let you answer that.

This is told mainly through narrative, which took away from the story feeling real. I would have liked more delicious detail (because you can obviously eat detail – right?) to make Penelope’s world come to life. It was like taking a huge romance book and smooshing into 56 pages – all you end up with is plot. Also, the sentences use repetitive language, pulling me out of the narrative a few times. Could use some fine tuning.

However, it is a fast read and leaves you with an “awww” at the end. I really hope the author continues to write because she has a lot of potential.


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