Feb 092014

My eldest will be participating in her first Valentines Day party at school. I can see how excited she is, especially when she had a hard time picking out a box of the premade ones at the store. Well, you might not have picked this up about me, but I am a rather crafty person so I said, “Hey, I have a great idea! let’s make our own!”

Needless to say, she gave into my excitement 🙂 *She always does, smart girl!*

Right now, like most young ladies, she LOVES Frozen and I wanted her Valentines to be unique – something no one will have at her school. I found Frozen paper dolls through Cory Jensen’s deviantart account and created the template in Microsoft Publisher. One version for girls and one for boys. You will notice a variation in the girl valentine I attached. That was our first draft for showing how they look folded.

Here is what we came up with. Remember, when you click on these images, it will show you the massive images to print out. They fold twice in the middle.

You’re more than welcome to use them! We plan on attaching a pencil…somewhere….to give away on the special day. Enjoy 🙂 I know my daughter will.
























cardfold1 cardfold2

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