Mar 012014

Turning something old into something new!

Through her Facebook account, Costume Period routinely hosts auctions for vintage and handmade items of clothes (hats included). About a month ago (or so), I purchased this dress for my six year old daughter. As you can see…it is a bit big 🙂 Probably a size 10 adults. I don’t know, maybe a size 8? I am a 14 so everything looks small at that point lol.

1002163_737141432977192_1921171927_nIt was to be her Easter dress, especially after being confronted with really cute (and pricey) dresses at Costco.  From there, I put it on her inside out, pinned the top to her shirt to give an idea where I needed to cut the bottom hem and took in the  extra fabric at the back (since the front bodice already had darts) by  folding and pinning the fabric. After sewing, this is how it looked.


As you can notice, the bottom is really ruffly so when I removed it, I sewed it at the waist for extra fluff. This is a sideways picture but as you can see, one skirt became two, adding volume.


Ruffles, fluff, rhinestones, lace = happy daughters.

First thing that had to go were those lace sleeves, although I kept them in case I wanted to add them somewhere else. From there, I took in the bodice and pulled it up for modesty sake.  After she put it on, I still felt it was a bit low cut but I can fix that later.

That bottom half of the skirt I cut: I added yellow lace to match the vintage style lace on the bodice. It is easier, in my opinion, to add lace along a hemline than hemming it alone. The pink taffeta-ish (or whatever it is) probably frayed like my hair back East.  I turned it back and added two lines of lace:



And the ending result came out beautifully! Now, I have one happy little girl and a very proud daddy who took his daughter to the Daddy Daughter dance at our church tonight.  Add a bit of sparkle and a princess attended her first dance, escorted by the best man in the world 🙂

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