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cover200x300Allow me to introduce the wonderful characters from Darren Simon’s Guardian’s Nightmare. I had the privilege of editing Mr. Simon’s manuscript and I immediately fell in love with the feel of the plot. A nerdy, awkward heroine, an old bike that she can’t seen to get rid of, and a destiny she can’t escape. How many teenagers dream of being apart of something greater –  Born not of this world? It is powerful. We all have a longing to be great.


Allow me the great pleasure of introducing Mr. Simon’s characters.

Charlee Smelton:

Charlee is a thirteen-year-old girl struggling as an outcast and a loner in her new school. She loves comic books and imagines being a superhero, but whenever she sees her image in the mirror—a slightly rounded girl with thick green glasses—she thinks herself more a dweeb than a hero. Little does she know that her life has been a lie. That discovery is about to bring a frightening change that will force her to find the hero in herself to save her family, her city and the world from an evil across a dimensional divide. An evil she lets into this world.

Sandra Flores:

Like Charlee, something of an outcast at their school, Sandra becomes Charlee’s best friend. Sandra is tough, clever and not afraid of anything or anybody. That’s good because to be Charlee’s friend, Sandra is going to need all the courage she has—if she is to survive.


Dream or real—princess in danger or something else—Theodora comes to Charlee in a dream. She is a princess in some fantasy world being pursued by a dark knight under orders from the empress to slay her. But is Theodora real at all or just a creation of Charlee’s overactive mind, and why does Charlee shiver whenever around her. She may not want to find the answers to those question.


A massively large knight from the fantasy world of Charlee’s dreams, Tribon is a being to be feared. Everything from his long, pointy, bushy red beard to his leathery face to his sword as long as Charlee is tall generates feelings of terror.  But is Tribon—if he is real at all—more than he seems?  Coming to grips with that answer means facing truths about her life Charlee may not want to unearth.

Mr. Levenstein:

An elderly man, he walks with a limp and owns a deli in the city. When Charlee decides to ditch her bike in his alley, this wise old man who seems to know a lot about her becomes a part of her life whether she likes it or not.


Professor Smelton:

Charlee’s dad, a professor of literature at the university, is a kind man, who just wants to rebuild his relationship with his daughter. Since the family’s move to San Francisco, Charlee has been so angry with him. When somebody leaves an old bike on campus with a note that it should be given a new home, it reminds him of a bike he had when he was a child. He decides to give the bike to Charlee as a remodel project that might just help them rebuild their relationship. The problem is, Charlee doesn’t want it.


Mrs. Smelton:

Charlee’s mother is a tough woman out to protect her family. She sees the changes her daughter is going through and tries to reach out to her, but Charlee is not ready to talk. That’s unfortunate because her mother may just be the one person who can answer all of Charlee’s questions. Even if she does have truths to reveal, it’s information that might just come too late.

Mr. Flores:

Deputy Chief of the San Francisco Police Department, Mr. Flores is also Sandra Flores’ father. He is not thrilled with his daughter’s new friend, and he may have good reason to feel that way.

The bike:

One day, Charlee’s dad returns from his day at the university with a gift for his daughter. Could it be a new laptop? Could it be a ticket back home to the country? No, it is the ugliest reject bike from the ’60s she has ever seen with scratched white frame, white-walled tires, rusted chrome—a real mess. She hates the bike from the start and just wants to be rid of it. But for some reason, ditching it doesn’t seem to work. And why does she get an electric shock every time she touches it? What is this thing?


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