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Welcome as Divertir Publishing celebrates our Summer of Romance. To us, romance means believing in the impossible, striving for discovery, and never giving up no matter the cost. It in inherent. Love fulfills that longing in us to be accepted by another – to be seen through another’s eyes and found perfect. Summer is that time for romance and the unexpected. 

The Chosen Village, by Sarah Welsh, is our first romance title and we’re giving away five copies to start your summer off properly!


Savina Luciano, a waitress from a small, quirky Italian village, disenchanted with village life and desperately seeking change, finds herself unexpectedly involved in a string of mysterious events that take the normally sleepy village by surprise. Having spent the majority of her life feeling unsatisfied, insecure, and cynical about her seemingly insignificant life, Savina is caught off guard when two miracles come knocking at her door. She is forced to truly examine her beliefs and ideals, confront her wavering faith, and save a village on the verge of tearing itself in two over disagreements concerning fair trade practices between businesses on the east and west sides of town. Somehow, through it all, Savina realizes that her plans to leave her birth place and seek a more exciting life are outweighed by the magic and mystery hidden right under her nose. Were the miracles an elaborate hoax to bring tourists to the sleepy village? Will Savina survive the miracle that leaves her on the verge of death? Finally, can deceit, resentment, miracles, and love coexist in The Chosen Village?


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See what readers are saying about The Chosen Village!

It will feel like you’ve taken a trip to Italy when you open this first novel by Sarah Welsh. Her characters begin to feel like family in this story of family, faith, romance, and finding oneself. You won’t be disappointed.” – Stacey Wagner (Goodreads)


“I just finished reading The Chosen Village. I love the Italian setting with it’s rich imagery, I felt that I was right there in Amedea! Sarah managed to write about the lovely setting and the character’s so well and with such rich descriptions that I felt and cared about each one of them. I loved the quirkiness and also the spiritual side of this book. It was really a fun, and interesting read!!” –  Laurell (Amazon)


“I’ve received my copy of “The Chosen Village” and started to read the first few chapters. I’m hooked! The story, setting, and characters are captivating and her writing style keeps me turning the pages to see what happens next.  Keep up the great work Sarah! And I’ll keep on reading. Thank You :)” Kara Ernst (Amazon)



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