Aug 202015

victoriamsabersI just found out I was on QueryTracker which explains all the new submissions I’ve been receiving. Thank you for taking a chance on me. I truly appreciate it.

Let me start off by introducing myself. 

Five years ago I started out as a reviewer for Divertir Publishing. It was a pretty nice gig. After that, when the position opened up, I accepted the Senior Editor job and then, Acquisitions Editor. Yes,  that means I had full control over the slush pile. Reading queries from hopeful authors showed me the innate desire to create and be noticed. After the soul crushing journey of rejection from agents and bigger publishers, many people stumbled upon Divertir. They are small, family oriented, and very hands-on.  We could pick up manuscripts that weren’t “mainstream” and publish them because we loved the author’s voice or concept. In 2015 we published

Invisible Society Fables: Short Stories on Homelessness, by Phil Canalin.

Season of Mists, by me

Improbable Cause: The War on Terror’s Assault on the Bill of Rights, by Sharia Mayfield and Brandon Mayfield

Plus a few more in queue for typesetting. They are active, passionate and busy. Not to mention they’re always looking for reviewers! What I loved about working for a small publisher was the ability to jump start an author’s dream of publication. Agents oftentimes are willing to give an author a second glance if they’re previously published elsewhere. It shows they have determination and a willingness for growth. However, Divertir Publishing was a step in an author’s journey. We oftentimes lost authors because we encourage them to keep striving. A few now have agents and or bigger publishers.


That journey ended when I accepted a position with the Booker Albert Agency. Now a new one begins. Instead of being a step, I can stay with an author as they grow. It’s an exciting concept!



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