Aug 232015

Cute-Girl-in-BookstoreLet me ask you a question. How often do you go into a book store? Whether it’s on or offline, book stores carry everything you could possible be looking. Comedy, romance, historical, YA, paranormal, etc, it’s right at your fingertips. Now, out of the thousands of books, how many books do you end up buying? How many books did you read the back of and brush past, not impressed?

Being an agent is similar. I have my tastes as do you. You might have a great premise you and your friends/family love, but it won’t sound appealing to me. That is the reality of publishing. When rejection letters say it is all based on individual tastes, we’re not lying. Trust me. If I don’t fall in love with your voice and characters, I cannot pour all my energies into building your career.

Sometimes your voice never gets past the first few pages due to editing. A manuscript that is too rough usually ends up in the rejection pile. Take the time to build your world through detail, both environmental and physical. Don’t head hop. Stay in a single POV until a break comes up. Don’t query before your manuscript is ready. I know you’re excited when you type “the End”, but editing to smooth out the bumps is so important.

Slow down and make sure you’re giving me your best submission. I know we’re both looking for one another.


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