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CAM00868My name is Jen Hunt and I am the newest agent at the Booker Albert Literary Agency.  I graduated from the University of Reno, Nevada with an English Literature degree and an unholy fascination with Victorian literature, although contrary to popular belief, I don’t wear a corset. I do, however, drink way too much coffee and enjoy watching the BBC. Another remake of a Jane Austen classic? Game on! Also happen to be a huge Bioware fangirl – when I have enough time for gaming.


Learning how life on a mini farm works – it’s fun!


Interested in sending me a submission?

While I don’t want to limit myself, I am actively seeking:

* Historicals: Historical romance, historical time travels, historical fantasy, historical inspirational, historical paranormal, historical mysteries. (Nothing post the 1940s)

* Science Fiction/Space Opera – must include world building and well detailed environments. (Prefer a hint of romance)

* Fantasy – same as above

* Military Sci-Fi 

*Dystopian/ Post-Apocalyptic

Steampunk/Gaslight/ Diesel-punk/ Cyberpunk – would also prefer some romantic element.

I want strong female characters. I also want strong male characters. They can be gay, straight, metro, or lumberjack – whatever – but make them real and memorable. Give them flaws, give them something to fight for, and give them something to grow from.

I will consider YA in these areas but no sex, rape, or drug abuse (or abuse of any kind). Also no stories set in a high school environment. Remember, not all of us liked being in high school.

*Children’s picture books

*Children’s Literature

* Non-Fiction – to be honest, I’m not sure what I’m looking for yet so be warned.


NO: Short stories, novellas, erotica, screen plays, poetry




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