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Welcome as Divertir Publishing celebrates our Summer of Romance. To us, romance means believing in the impossible, striving for discovery, and never giving up no matter the cost. It in inherent. Love fulfills that longing in us to be accepted by another – to be seen through another’s eyes and found perfect. Summer is that time for romance and the unexpected. 

The Chosen Village, by Sarah Welsh, is our first romance title and we’re giving away five copies to start your summer off properly!


Savina Luciano, a waitress from a small, quirky Italian village, disenchanted with village life and desperately seeking change, finds herself unexpectedly involved in a string of mysterious events that take the normally sleepy village by surprise. Having spent the majority of her life feeling unsatisfied, insecure, and cynical about her seemingly insignificant life, Savina is caught off guard when two miracles come knocking at her door. She is forced to truly examine her beliefs and ideals, confront her wavering faith, and save a village on the verge of tearing itself in two over disagreements concerning fair trade practices between businesses on the east and west sides of town. Somehow, through it all, Savina realizes that her plans to leave her birth place and seek a more exciting life are outweighed by the magic and mystery hidden right under her nose. Were the miracles an elaborate hoax to bring tourists to the sleepy village? Will Savina survive the miracle that leaves her on the verge of death? Finally, can deceit, resentment, miracles, and love coexist in The Chosen Village?


How to Enter:

 51r9TgtwjKLJoin us over at our Facebook page as whet your appetite for adventure, romance and discovering who you truly are. Allow summer to open your heart and mind to new beginnings and, perhaps, even miracles.

Not s big fan of facebook? Post a comment here with your email address and you can enter into our giveaway!

See what readers are saying about The Chosen Village!

It will feel like you’ve taken a trip to Italy when you open this first novel by Sarah Welsh. Her characters begin to feel like family in this story of family, faith, romance, and finding oneself. You won’t be disappointed.” – Stacey Wagner (Goodreads)


“I just finished reading The Chosen Village. I love the Italian setting with it’s rich imagery, I felt that I was right there in Amedea! Sarah managed to write about the lovely setting and the character’s so well and with such rich descriptions that I felt and cared about each one of them. I loved the quirkiness and also the spiritual side of this book. It was really a fun, and interesting read!!” –  Laurell (Amazon)


“I’ve received my copy of “The Chosen Village” and started to read the first few chapters. I’m hooked! The story, setting, and characters are captivating and her writing style keeps me turning the pages to see what happens next.  Keep up the great work Sarah! And I’ll keep on reading. Thank You :)” Kara Ernst (Amazon)



Sarah Welsh’s Website: 

Barnes and Noble

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Jun 062014

Welcome to the Summer for Love Blog Hop

IMG_3173To me,  Summer has an aroma – damp lilacs in the late evening when the sun has long since set and only street lamps come out to play. There, when crickets fill the air with their orchestra, love wafts within that thick scent of that rich flower. It surrounds you – embracing every inch of exposed skin. I remember a California night when anything could have been possible – even romance. For that one brief inhalation, everything was as it should be.

The Romance Troupe is offering wonderful prizes in their Summer for Love Giveaway and Blog Hop. Check out the other stops for more chances not only to win an Amazon card, but also free ebooks. For readers, nothing inspires us more than a book that grabs our hearts and leads us through amazing adventures where anything is possible.
Do you dare venture forth?
A-Summer-for-love-blog-hopGRAND PRIZES
(6) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Cards
Comment with your name and email to be entered into the Grand Prize drawing. Comments without name and email will not be counted. Commenting on each and every stop will increase your chances of winning.
Winners for the (6) Grand Prizes will be drawn and announced on THE ROMANCE TROUPE blog by June 10th.
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Apr 032014


You can never outrun your past…

1424532_710699205607806_1318719403_nAfter years of war ravage the globe and decimate humanity, civilization is revitalized in the city of New Arcadia, a cybernetic playground where longevity treatments promise near immortality. Detective Cyrus, fond of fedoras and narcotics, is hired by Benji MacDowell, heir-apparent to an eugenics empire, to find MacDowell’s long-lost biological father. Employing his network of shady contacts within the underbelly of the city, Cyrus uncovers a murderous web of corporate corruption and political conspiracy with ties to the old Order, a tyrannical organization whose sole intent was perfecting the next generation of genetically engineered soldiers.

Now Cyrus knows too much and finds himself caught in the cross-hairs of super-soldier assassins while the dark secrets of his past snap at his heels, forcing him to confront the truth he’s been running from… and discover his own terrifying purpose.

Divertir Publishing is hosting a giveaway of Susanne van Rooyen’s sci-fi mystery, Dragon’s Teeth.

Starting friday (4/4/14) at 6pm, our party will showcase quotes, passages and even a giveaway to win a free e-copy of Dragon’s Teeth along with bookmarks. We have 10 copies to hand out to the lucky winners. Log into Facebook and join us for this awesome party! Suzanne will also be giving away e-copies of her other novels:

Obscura Burning and The Other Me.

Dragon’s Teeth on Amazon

We hope to see you there!

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Mar 202014


Divertir Publishing is thrilled to give away 10 free e-books of Jenna-Lynne Duncan’s exciting paranormal romance, Hurricane, along with other cool swag!

Already have the book? We have free copies of Tempest and Aftermath– the sensual continuing saga of Jenna’s handsome Boudreaux brothers.

Bookmarks, necklaces and even a $15 Amazon card!



“Damn. I never should have agreed to this. What is he thinking? Here we are in a piece of crap pickup truck on our way to sit outside of a supermarket to kidnap this girl. Damn. He’d better not be falling for her. Sure she’s cute, but I can’t think about that.”
― Jenna-Lynne Duncan, Hurricane

How do you enter our giveaway? It’s simple! The more you participate, the more entries you have.

1.)”Like” Jenna-Lynne Duncan’s author page

2.)Leave a comment on her Goodreads account.

3.) Leave a question for Jenna on our Divertir Publishing Facebook page or here
– How she started writing
– What inspires her
– What was her inspiration for Hurricane – etc.

4.) Ask her a question through Twitter.

Jenna will then answer your questions and pick the names of the winners after the contest has ended.

Good luck!

Adriana couldn’t decide what was worse—that Hurricane Katrina was heading for New Orleans, or that she might not survive her kidnapping to see its potential effects. She had trusted Hayden, even fallen for him, and now he and his brother Luke were taking her deeper and deeper into the Bayou. Why had two of her classmates, the mysterious Boudreaux brothers, kidnapped her? Why had Adriana’s dreams started predicting the future? Most importantly, would she make it out of the Bayou alive…

Suspense and romance, all set in the alluring backdrop of New Orleans.


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