Jan 052014

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Hello and salutations!

My name is Jen Corkill and I am the senior editor at Divertir Publishing.  While I edit everything before it goes to print, some submissions are sent to me for review. My favorite submissions to receive are historical romance (check your facts because I always will), historical fiction, steam punk, science fiction, space operas and fantasy. Any and all queries should be sent to query@divertirpublishing.com. Check out our site to see what we represent.

Sometimes I am amazed at the level of quality we accept just because of that spark someone sees. If one of our reviewers LOVE a concept, we usually end up contracting the author. Trust me when I say we’ve seen some rough manuscripts but sometimes all it takes it seeing that potential for a great story. Sometimes it is rejected with a request for alterations and a resubmit. Most times, I end up doing that with the authors mainly to see if they can and will make the changes. Publishers like authors who are open to critiques and new ways of looking at their work.

That is the perk of small publishers. Our job is polishing those rough diamonds.
It is NEVER the editor’s job to fix your work. Believe it or not, that’s your job. Like the wonderful friend who tells you red really isn’t your color and you should stop wearing it; an editor does the same.

When I open a doc file, I immediately begin highlighting repeated words and choppy sentences. Say something in four words instead of eight.

Ben Jonson (1573-1637) wrote a beautiful phrase I treasure: Give me a look, give me a face that makes simplicity a grace.

Keep that in mind when you go off on verbose paragraphs filled with detail and description. Use simple words, but make them unique and purposeful. Describe something through your own words, not cliches. Detail is paramount, verbal diarrhea is not. 

I point out these places so the author can hone their world. I point out the repetition and the author can decide how they wish to rewrite. It is never my work. Eyes without emotionally attachment will always be your best option. As a writer, you need that person to rip something apart. However, always remember it is not you we are rejecting or altering but your work.

Be open to change and be fearless because only you can write your story!