Jan 102015
La Contessa and The Marquis by Lindsay Downs

I had the greatest pleasure in entertaining Lindsay Downs and his book, La Contessa and The Marquis, which is due for release January 19, 2015. La Contessa and The Marquis is book one in Mr. Downs newest regency cozy mystery series, Rogues and Rakehells Mystery. It is the first in the series and currently available for preorder.

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Sep 172014
Interview with Kim Rendfeld, author of "The Ashes of Heaven's Pillar"

When Ms. Rendfeld asked if I wanted to do an interview, honestly I had a hard time coming up with questions because of being so blown away by her story. Where the heck do I even start?! The scope of her novel is mind blowing. I was sucked into her narrative within pages. As a

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Jun 252014
What Am I Reading?

  1.) Phil Canalin’s Invisible Fable Society – Halfway through editing. What an amazing book. Every fable pulls at my heart strings. Phil takes his reader on an emotional roller coaster ride. His characters jump off the page, a story to every faceless homeless person you’ve ever seen on the sidewalk. They’re so simple and

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Jun 232014
Giveaway for The Chosen Village, by Sarah Welsh

  Welcome as Divertir Publishing celebrates our Summer of Romance. To us, romance means believing in the impossible, striving for discovery, and never giving up no matter the cost. It in inherent. Love fulfills that longing in us to be accepted by another – to be seen through another’s eyes and found perfect. Summer is

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Jun 062014
Summer for Love

Welcome to the Summer for Love Blog Hop To me,  Summer has an aroma – damp lilacs in the late evening when the sun has long since set and only street lamps come out to play. There, when crickets fill the air with their orchestra, love wafts within that thick scent of that rich flower. It

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Jun 012014
Guardian's Nightmare

Allow me to introduce the wonderful characters from Darren Simon’s Guardian’s Nightmare. I had the privilege of editing Mr. Simon’s manuscript and I immediately fell in love with the feel of the plot. A nerdy, awkward heroine, an old bike that she can’t seen to get rid of, and a destiny she can’t escape. How

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May 262014
So, You're Ready to Publish. Now What?

Okay, you’ve written the next best seller – congratulations. The embodiment of months, maybe even years, of your life is sitting on your word processor.  Every word has been painfully scrutinized and stressed over. Four and five rounds of edits, sucking in your pride, swallowing the bitter taste of ego – all worth it. You made

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May 142014
What Am I Reviewing?

I have decided to break up my reading/reviewing schedule for Divertir Publishing. Monday, Wednesday, Friday –  reading query submissions Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – editing contracted manuscripts.   That should help me get through my list. Here is my schedule so far: 1.) read through the sci-fi anthology – done. We are postponing this due to lack

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