Season of Mists


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som_cover1_raw-ish2The year is 1888. Justine Holloway finds herself an orphan after her parents die in a horrific fire. She is sent to live with her godparents, Harold Mendenhall and his sister Frances. On the boat ride home, she meets Amun Farouk, a handsome Egyptian Ambassador who is also sailing to England to meet her godfather. What Justine does not realize as she dons the veil of mourning is that Harold runs a secret organization under the nose of polite society, much to the dismay of his genteel sister. The Council was created for the protection of humanity from the Varius, refugees from a parallel universe who shift their form while others channel the forces of magic. They seek refuge in Victorian London, hidden in the slums, easily forgotten until a human ends up incinerated or sucked dry.

Drawn into the plot against her will, Justine finds herself the object of a vampire’s lurid obsession. According to ancient texts, vampires kill humans for fodder, their blood and the air they breathe inferior, but this killer has other intentions for her. Does Justine’s survival depend on Amun or will he kill her to save humanity?


What readers are saying:

“…And each chapter will not disappoint. On the contrary, you will be excited, charmed, anxious, cheering, booing, and always engaged. Your imagination will soar and your curiosity will be piqued as you travel from a foot of snow with a blast of frigid weather to the misty, gas-lit cobblestone streets under a starry, star-filled night.” [Read more]

“…once I got into it, I found I could not put the book down. The writing was creative and full of fun details…” [Read More]

“A very fun Supernatural adventure, with enough actual historical research crafting the setting to make it wonderfully immersive! A little bit Steampunk, a little bit The Mummy, and actually interested in the characters as people, not cardboard archetypes. A great beach blanket read; or a proper distraction at tea.”

“Season of Mists reads like an episode of Downton Abbey if the characters were all dropped into the middle of a fantastic paranormal fiasco complete with shape-shifters and vampires…” [Read More]





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