May 162015

Season Of Mists is available on Amazon. But why not try a free sample first? Head over to Divertir Publishing to download your copy!

som_cover1_raw-ish2The year is 1888. Justine Holloway finds herself an orphan after her parents die in a horrific fire. She is sent to live with her godparents, Harold Mendenhall and his sister Frances. On the boat ride home, she meets Amun Farouk, a handsome Egyptian Ambassador who is also sailing to England to meet her godfather. What Justine does not realize as she dons the veil of mourning is that Harold runs a secret organization under the nose of polite society, much to the dismay of his genteel sister. The Council was created for the protection of humanity from the Varius, refugees from a parallel universe who shift their form while others channel the forces of magic. They seek refuge in Victorian London, hidden in the slums, easily forgotten until a human ends up incinerated or sucked dry.

Drawn into the plot against her will, Justine finds herself the object of a vampire’s lurid obsession. According to ancient texts, vampires kill humans for fodder, their blood and the air they breathe inferior, but this killer has other intentions for her. Does Justine’s survival depend on Amun or will he kill her to save humanity?

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Jun 252014



1.) Phil Canalin’s Invisible Fable Society – Halfway through editing.

What an amazing book. Every fable pulls at my heart strings. Phil takes his reader on an emotional roller coaster ride. His characters jump off the page, a story to every faceless homeless person you’ve ever seen on the sidewalk. They’re so simple and yet poignantly written.


2.) The King’s Tournament, by John Yeo (Hope to start this by Monday)


3.) Darkest Hour, by Tony Russo


Have an interest in editing? Want to edit for Divertir Publishing? Send me an email at : j corkill (at) divertirpublishing (dot) com

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Jun 012014

cover200x300Allow me to introduce the wonderful characters from Darren Simon’s Guardian’s Nightmare. I had the privilege of editing Mr. Simon’s manuscript and I immediately fell in love with the feel of the plot. A nerdy, awkward heroine, an old bike that she can’t seen to get rid of, and a destiny she can’t escape. How many teenagers dream of being apart of something greater –  Born not of this world? It is powerful. We all have a longing to be great.


Allow me the great pleasure of introducing Mr. Simon’s characters.

Charlee Smelton:

Charlee is a thirteen-year-old girl struggling as an outcast and a loner in her new school. She loves comic books and imagines being a superhero, but whenever she sees her image in the mirror—a slightly rounded girl with thick green glasses—she thinks herself more a dweeb than a hero. Little does she know that her life has been a lie. That discovery is about to bring a frightening change that will force her to find the hero in herself to save her family, her city and the world from an evil across a dimensional divide. An evil she lets into this world.

Sandra Flores:

Like Charlee, something of an outcast at their school, Sandra becomes Charlee’s best friend. Sandra is tough, clever and not afraid of anything or anybody. That’s good because to be Charlee’s friend, Sandra is going to need all the courage she has—if she is to survive.


Dream or real—princess in danger or something else—Theodora comes to Charlee in a dream. She is a princess in some fantasy world being pursued by a dark knight under orders from the empress to slay her. But is Theodora real at all or just a creation of Charlee’s overactive mind, and why does Charlee shiver whenever around her. She may not want to find the answers to those question.


A massively large knight from the fantasy world of Charlee’s dreams, Tribon is a being to be feared. Everything from his long, pointy, bushy red beard to his leathery face to his sword as long as Charlee is tall generates feelings of terror.  But is Tribon—if he is real at all—more than he seems?  Coming to grips with that answer means facing truths about her life Charlee may not want to unearth.

Mr. Levenstein:

An elderly man, he walks with a limp and owns a deli in the city. When Charlee decides to ditch her bike in his alley, this wise old man who seems to know a lot about her becomes a part of her life whether she likes it or not.


Professor Smelton:

Charlee’s dad, a professor of literature at the university, is a kind man, who just wants to rebuild his relationship with his daughter. Since the family’s move to San Francisco, Charlee has been so angry with him. When somebody leaves an old bike on campus with a note that it should be given a new home, it reminds him of a bike he had when he was a child. He decides to give the bike to Charlee as a remodel project that might just help them rebuild their relationship. The problem is, Charlee doesn’t want it.


Mrs. Smelton:

Charlee’s mother is a tough woman out to protect her family. She sees the changes her daughter is going through and tries to reach out to her, but Charlee is not ready to talk. That’s unfortunate because her mother may just be the one person who can answer all of Charlee’s questions. Even if she does have truths to reveal, it’s information that might just come too late.

Mr. Flores:

Deputy Chief of the San Francisco Police Department, Mr. Flores is also Sandra Flores’ father. He is not thrilled with his daughter’s new friend, and he may have good reason to feel that way.

The bike:

One day, Charlee’s dad returns from his day at the university with a gift for his daughter. Could it be a new laptop? Could it be a ticket back home to the country? No, it is the ugliest reject bike from the ’60s she has ever seen with scratched white frame, white-walled tires, rusted chrome—a real mess. She hates the bike from the start and just wants to be rid of it. But for some reason, ditching it doesn’t seem to work. And why does she get an electric shock every time she touches it? What is this thing?


photo (1)To read a sample of Guardian’s Nightmare, head over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Visit Darren Simon’s website or get to know more about him on Goodreads!

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May 142014


I have decided to break up my reading/reviewing schedule for Divertir Publishing.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday –  reading query submissions

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – editing contracted manuscripts.


That should help me get through my list. Here is my schedule so far:

1.) read through the sci-fi anthology – done. We are postponing this due to lack of qualified submissions. However, I found quite a few great short stories on Wattpad. I have to admit, it is so fun reaching out to authors.

2.)Last run through of edits for A Bother of Bodies

3.)Read Harper’s Donelson – currently up to chapter 5

4.) Last run through of Dime Detective

5.) Read three queries tomorrow. – One request for the full and two rejections with requested changes.


Thanks to NetGalley, I even have a few books waiting to be read for pleasure.

Also, I have been made Acquisitions Editor which means I now control the slush pile. Muahaha!


That is all.







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May 012014

Update for 5/1/14

(In order of priority):

tumblr_mj4d8mhl1p1s5sopco1_1280-a4abd8d2-sz282x442 1.) Stacey Wooten – Nessie Out of Water – 86% edited.

 2.) Bill Bonvie – Repeat Offenders – Need to start last edit before it goes to print. 

3.) Sci-fi anthology submissions – Read through for approval. Currently we’re sitting at 40k but I want to bump it past 50k with a few more additions.

4.) Tony Russo – Call of the Kestrel – waiting for him to finish those blasted edits.

5.) 5 new queries in my inbox – should be through those by tonight. Tune in at @jen_Corkill for my responses if interested. Three are from #pitmad.

Thoughts of the day:

Mishuk gotal’u meshuroke, pako kyore. – “Pressure makes gems, ease makes decay.”


“When we remember we are all mad,
the mysteries disappear
and life stands explained.”

~ Mark Twain

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Apr 082014

jodi-harveybrown-book-sculpturesWhen we are ready to release a book at Divertir Publishing, I immediately find out what an author’s platform is – How do you plan on selling yourself?

And no, I don’t mean fishnets and stripper shoes.

While I have run into a few very outgoing authors, I find many tend to run on the introverted side of life. They, like myself, gravitate around their own company and that of their intimate circle. Give us a dark room, a solitary computer, some music and we’re ready to create magic  – stand aside, I’m making magic…and paper dragons. (Stop Procrastinating!)

Hell, in less than a thousand words, we can create and destroy worlds.

andromeda“I am the angel of death, destroyer of worlds.” Captain Dylan Hunt (Yes you are, you smexy thing you) 

To our poor characters, we’re gods (although not nearly as devious as George R.R. Martin). For many, that creation is personal and we treat our product as children, separate but equal entities.

It is natural to be fearful of putting yourself out there and trying to convince people to buy your baby. Suddenly that entity you spent so long on is open for interpretation and *GASP* critique. Scary word – critique. Many authors refuse to do so and I hate to say it, their books rarely do well. Readers will find their way to you, but they could very likely find their way to someone else as well. How can you convince them they need to buy your book and delve into the world created inside?

Let’s start at the easy stuff.

1.) Make a Facebook page specifically for your book. Here you post updates on book cover releases, reviews, blog interviews, introduce characters, etc. EVERYTHING regarding that specific book. If that book becomes a series, make it for the series.

facebook typewriter_Layout 12.) Make a Facebook page specifically for you as an author. Nothing too personal is shared on this page. No politics or religion unless it is pivotal to your plot. While you may feel strongly about something, alienation can occur if readers do not agree with you and as an author, that’s the last thing you want to do. If you don’t care about this, then I suppose you could overlook it. I would be wary though. I was following two writers on Facebook and decided to stop when they started spamming their author pages with political views. It opposed mine drastically and in the end, didn’t want to read it every time I logged on.

What you should post: inspirations, other works in progress, general personal news, book signing dates, blog updates, etc. This is an outlet for you to spam your blog, twitter and hobbies.

From there you can also connect with writing/promotion groups on Facebook. Trust me – they are in abundance but remember to read and follow the groups rules before promoting or sharing. Many authors want as much exposure as you do. Offering to host other writers in exchange for reviews and face time on their blog is a great way to get your name out there.

Don’t hide in the corner yet, you introvert – this gets scarier! (Here, have some coffee).

blogger-outreach-23.) Website – Here is a more concentrated version of your author Facebook page: Hobbies, inspirations, interviews, blog tours, cover reveals – anything general about you. You can expand and develop ideas, allowing your thoughts to flow freely from fingers to screen. On your blog you can open your private life and allow the reader to see what makes you tick. For me, I have my crafts, I post reviews, interviews, my sewing projects, publishing updates, etc. Head to my homepage to see me altering thrift store dresses into dresses for my 6 year old. Exciting, man – I tell you.

4.) Goodreads. I recently found this site myself (yep, late bloomer) where you connect with readers and authors. Post reviews, participate in contests – everything.  Sign up is incredibly easy with a nice step-by-step tutorial. Hands down you need your book on this site and be putting out your opinion on books you’ve read. As Ken Tupper (owner of Divertir Publishing) tells me, you have to go where the readers are.

5.) Twitter – follow other authors, follow agents, follow publishers, follow your favorite actor. This satisfies the voyeur in us all. We can sit in the comfort of our homes and involve ourselves in other people’s lives in short bursts (120 characters or so). Most authors will follow back. Slowly build that followership. That way when you have news to announce, people are watching. However, as I have found, responding to other people’s tweets open the door to interesting conversations. 

6.)Pinterest – this is my kiddy crack site. I pin and hoard so many creative ideas. Recipes, craft and sewing ideas, DIY ideas – everything. I also “pin” giveaways we’re having and book reviews I post. If a reader stumbles upon your pinterest and feels a kinship, they’re going to be predisposed to find out more about any books you write.

Let me just say this: If you’re against a web presence, don’t be an author.

280532292_847057026a2Now, those 6 are great to get you started but you still have to feel comfortable selling your baby. My dad used to tell me you never sell the steak, you sell the sizzle. That’s all we’re doing – that’s all every author tries to do. When you start feeling weird or callgirl-ish, just know every author has to do it because last year almost 400k people self-published. If that number isn’t daunting,  according to Bertram’s Blog, close to 15,000,000 books were published in 2012. That was two years ago!

15,000,000. Yikes.

So when I say you are in competition, you are.

Don’t be scared to get your name out there (All the cool kids are doing it) because the more places people find information about you and your books, the better!


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Apr 032014


You can never outrun your past…

1424532_710699205607806_1318719403_nAfter years of war ravage the globe and decimate humanity, civilization is revitalized in the city of New Arcadia, a cybernetic playground where longevity treatments promise near immortality. Detective Cyrus, fond of fedoras and narcotics, is hired by Benji MacDowell, heir-apparent to an eugenics empire, to find MacDowell’s long-lost biological father. Employing his network of shady contacts within the underbelly of the city, Cyrus uncovers a murderous web of corporate corruption and political conspiracy with ties to the old Order, a tyrannical organization whose sole intent was perfecting the next generation of genetically engineered soldiers.

Now Cyrus knows too much and finds himself caught in the cross-hairs of super-soldier assassins while the dark secrets of his past snap at his heels, forcing him to confront the truth he’s been running from… and discover his own terrifying purpose.

Divertir Publishing is hosting a giveaway of Susanne van Rooyen’s sci-fi mystery, Dragon’s Teeth.

Starting friday (4/4/14) at 6pm, our party will showcase quotes, passages and even a giveaway to win a free e-copy of Dragon’s Teeth along with bookmarks. We have 10 copies to hand out to the lucky winners. Log into Facebook and join us for this awesome party! Suzanne will also be giving away e-copies of her other novels:

Obscura Burning and The Other Me.

Dragon’s Teeth on Amazon

We hope to see you there!

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