Jun 072016

FullSizeRender3“Got an agent rejection today. 7 months”


I apologize profusely for taking 7+ months to respond to queries. To be honest, I wasn’t ready to be bombarded by so much interest. It was humbling and exciting. Since joining the Booker Albert Agency I have taken on 2 clients and am in contract talks with a 3rd.

In between this, I finished editing a manuscript from Divertir Publishing – book 2 in a 3 book series. I could have dropped the author, but the relationship between an editor and author is symbiotic – as is agent/author. We built up a fabulous rapport and I told him I would stay with him through the end of the series. I’m pretty sure he’s hating me right now after those edits though.

Unfortunately, it put me way behind in my slush pile. In the last few days I’ve caught up and now I’m reading everything I requested through those seven months. I hope you guys continue to have patience because I truly appreciate it.

– Jen


Just a heads up – if you feel the desire to hit “reply” and send a snarky response to an agent – try to refrain. It’s in poor taste and makes you look foolish. I UNDERSTAND the frustration of waiting and waiting but just don’t.


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May 142014


I have decided to break up my reading/reviewing schedule for Divertir Publishing.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday –  reading query submissions

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday – editing contracted manuscripts.


That should help me get through my list. Here is my schedule so far:

1.) read through the sci-fi anthology – done. We are postponing this due to lack of qualified submissions. However, I found quite a few great short stories on Wattpad. I have to admit, it is so fun reaching out to authors.

2.)Last run through of edits for A Bother of Bodies

3.)Read Harper’s Donelson – currently up to chapter 5

4.) Last run through of Dime Detective

5.) Read three queries tomorrow. – One request for the full and two rejections with requested changes.


Thanks to NetGalley, I even have a few books waiting to be read for pleasure.

Also, I have been made Acquisitions Editor which means I now control the slush pile. Muahaha!


That is all.







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May 012014

Update for 5/1/14

(In order of priority):

tumblr_mj4d8mhl1p1s5sopco1_1280-a4abd8d2-sz282x442 1.) Stacey Wooten – Nessie Out of Water – 86% edited.

 2.) Bill Bonvie – Repeat Offenders – Need to start last edit before it goes to print. 

3.) Sci-fi anthology submissions – Read through for approval. Currently we’re sitting at 40k but I want to bump it past 50k with a few more additions.

4.) Tony Russo – Call of the Kestrel – waiting for him to finish those blasted edits.

5.) 5 new queries in my inbox – should be through those by tonight. Tune in at @jen_Corkill for my responses if interested. Three are from #pitmad.

Thoughts of the day:

Mishuk gotal’u meshuroke, pako kyore. – “Pressure makes gems, ease makes decay.”


“When we remember we are all mad,
the mysteries disappear
and life stands explained.”

~ Mark Twain

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Mar 012014

Disclaimer: I don’t get to go through the initial slush pile. My queries are funneled to me by Ken Tupper. If you have submitted to Divertir and your query falls into one of my genres and wasn’t rejected then I probably have it.

What I current look for:

Historical Romance (I particularly want Victorian and Regency but not too picky), Historical Fiction, Science Fiction (or any of the subgenres) or High Fantasy


My Current Divertir Publishing Reviewing Status: 5 manuscripts and 1 query


Historical Fiction – started

Inspirational query – rejection

Literary figure detective fiction – not started

Fantasy – not started

Historical Romance – not started



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